June 26th 2011

Changes to SEO as we know it!

Google Panda 2.02

For those not aware by now, the google panda updates have been a series of revisions the search engine giant rolled out in attempt to improve the quality of search results.   The bulk of the changes were targeted at sites commonly referred to as content farms.  This was a response to the increasing amount of high level search terms being dominated by pages with little or no content.  Often you get link farms and other spam type websites clogging the tops spots on Google leaving the legitimate companies with lower ranking.  There also looking to use the 2nd update to Panda 2 to stop scraper sites duplicating your content.

So whats the impact for a normal legitimate website... well quite a big one! if you don't have any good backlinks or your content is weak chances are you will drop in position quite quickly.

We now can forget the normal why you do SEO! Google will look at the WOW factor of your content. However you could have paragraphs of really useful content but this could possible harm your site. The key is now to get traffic to the site and stay on the site.

Google metrics

If you took a Google Analytic report and looked at the following:

Time on site - if this is 0.01.02 Google will pull your ranking down.

Bounce Rate - (Bounce rate is the percentage of single-page visits or visits in which the person left your site from the entrance (landing) page)  if this is high i.e 64% you will get pulled down the rankings.

If your Browse rate is high i.e a visitor goes from page 1, 3,4,5 etc.. then this is good, but if its just straight to one page this could not be good as the average score will be poor.

There is a lot to consider with Panda, and SEO experts will have to change they way they think... think more about the user experience.

Please take a look at Google Panda 4.2 which is now a rolling update.

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