April 08th 2021

C02 Emission Tool for Logistics

C02 Emission Tool for Logistics

With the climate emergency, we decided many years ago to develop a very unique tool to help tackle climate change and help companies to reduce their carbon footprint.

We developed a new tool for Logistics & Freight Forwards and pretty much anyone who shipped products around the world.  We have built some algorithms which measure the C02 Emissions for a piece of freight, the algorithms factor the size of the shipment to the relation of the vessel to get the most accurate measurements. 

We have gathered data for over  7000+ seaports and airports as well as every postcode in the UK and Europe, as well as the US, to enable us to be able to calculate the distance between two points. We're even extending this for Road freight to have unlimited "nodes" of distribution points which means we can calculate the distance and the C02 emissions more accurately. The tool just doesn't give you a figure we also can tell you how many trees you need to offset to absorb the Carbon.  We also give you 2 other Green Houses gases NOx (Nitrogen Oxides) which forms smog and another horrible effect on the climate. As well as C02 & NOx we can provide Particulate Matter which like NOx is another form of air pollutant.

We are continually developing the tool to make it more and more accurate. We're also offering the tool as a paid API or iFrame so you can place it on your own website or link to our API to use the data etc...

Use our C02 Emission Tool Below

If you would like to put this amazing tool onto your website, please do get in contact with us and we would be more than happy to provide an API Key and instructions on how to install the tool.

The web servers running this tool is 100% Carbon Neutral.

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