September 15th 2015

Bobbie Howells - Working For Cocoonfxmedia – My Experience

We thought it would be good experience for Bobbie who applied to for work experience with Cocoonfxmedia Ltd via Catch22 Care Leavers an initiative supported by Staffordshire County Council. Rather myself (James Blackman) writing we thought we would let Bobbie tell us his experience.

Hi, I’m Bobbie Howells, I’m 17, and I’m preparing to begin my second year of college doing contemporary art/design. I have chosen to do this because I enjoy drawing and the creative side of work. I studied graphics in my first year because I love creating new logos and being creative with designs. I’m here to talk about my experiences of being in the work environment, and at Cocoonfxmedia. I was lead to this work experience by Alan Cooper of Skills To Employment, from Staffordshire County Council to gain valuable experience in the work place.

Work experience

Catch22 is a leading training and apprenticeship provider.

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About cocoonfxmedia

Cocoonfxmedia are a graphics and web design company that offer measurable marketing solutions. They are a great business that will offer the absolute best, whether you are looking for a new logo, a new website or partnership, cocoonfxmedia will offer the best possible product in the most efficient way.

My expectations 

My original expectations for the work place were for it to be quite fast paced and stressful, with lots of work that needed to be done as fast as possible. I was nervous as I had never been in a professional work place before this, and wasn’t actually sure of what would be asked of me, or what I would be expected to do as soon as I start.


Upon arrival at the work place, I was given a few tasks to measure my knowledge of website design and logos. I was helped a great deal by James and Glen, and learnt a great deal of techniques for creating logos, and shaping up websites. I was also taught a lot about website algorithms and a lot of other areas. I found the work place to be professional and efficient, yet relaxed and I felt very welcome.

What I got out of it

During this work placement I learnt a great deal of skills such as:

  • Tools in Photoshop
  • Tools in illustrator
  • About algorithms
  • Designing logos and mastering the tools required
  • Making websites, and using grids to measure it up properly and accurately
  • Excel
  • Effective and eye catching, efficient website designs
  • Exploring different website designs on pintrest, and exploring some of their designs
  • Taking notes and taking valuable information on board


I feel, in my 8 weeks here at Cocoonfxmedia, I have learnt a massive array of skills on top of what I’ve learnt at college, which shows that I had a lot of support off James and Glen, and a lot of help and advice. I have had the opportunity to boost my skills massively in a range of programs including Photoshop and Illustrator. I have also being taught a great deal about algorithms and website design. In website design in particular I have learnt a massive amount of skills and techniques involved in making a good website, have been informed of what goes into a

website, how to shape up, measure and create a good website, and about all the features and how they work. I have also learnt a great deal about logo design and creating logos. Along with this, I have

learnt a great deal more about the tools that are involved with creating logos such as lines, arc tools, anchor points and lots more. I have also started using excel and using formulas to answer sums, and working out profits 

Meeting clients

I have also been taken along to a couple of client meetings, and I feel that I have gained more experience with meeting clients, presenting ideas, discussing certain business strategies, and hosting and attending client meetings. I feel that this will be very beneficial in later life. I also learnt how meetings are handled and conducted, and the level of professionalism needed.

Benefits of being in the work place

I feel that I have benefitted greatly from working for Cocoonfxmedia, and experienced what the workplace is like. I have gained some valuable experience, as I had never worked in a professional work place, and I feel that I have learnt some valuable skills.


So in conclusion, I feel that I have gained lots of valuable experience, and a massive amount of new skills, which I never had before, and have helped me massively.

This work placement has also given me an idea of what is expected in the work place, and an idea of what is expected of me in future jobs concerning website and graphic design. Some of the things I have enjoyed here are sketching out the logos and creating them on the computer, being creative with website design and making my own design and learning new skills.

One of the only things I haven’t enjoyed as much would be the academic side such as research, however I feel this is mainly based on the subject matter, as I found researching logos and website designs far more interesting.

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