July 18th 2016

Best Wordpress Templates Custom or Premium

Wordpress is becoming the most popular content management systems on the planet as simply the easiest to manage and it’s very easily developed into the perfect tool for your business.

These days you can go to a template site and purchase a theme (Premium) and install this theme and install this on Wordpress. Which is great if you have a very low budget but this can cause you a big headache in the future.

There is a reason why a template is so cheap, it’s been built for the mass market; it will have limitations to what you can do without either upgrading the theme license or you have to get the original developer to develop new functionality or find a developer to do this for you.

Chances are if you have gone through a web design company who has used an off the shelf template theme the likely hood is that they don’t have the expertise to build their own themes or develop existing themes. They often buy a theme from $10-$100 they then will charge you £1500 for a website. All there’re doing is moving content round and making minor changes to the actual theme.

What’s wrong with Premium WordPress Themes?

Most are built using frameworks which often or not are not up-to date, the code is often heavy with additional code to allow for all kinds of features like prebuilt tools to help with easy styling. This means your website will be slow to load and flip between pages.  There will be limitations and possibly conflicts with plugins this is rare but we’ve seen a $16 theme have 3000 + lines of redundant code which meant Google was penalising it for slow response times.

Why go with a custom Wordpress theme?

Simply you would get what you want with the flexibility and knowing that you can actually speak to the developers building your theme. Having a custom theme would give you a faster loading more efficient theme which can be developed with ease.

The cost implications would be considerably more but you would have peace of mind that your theme is 100% Unique and that 10,000 other people do not have exactly the same looking website other than colours and text.

We spend a lot of time helping clients fix there cheap WordPress themes by plugging up the holes in the security and improving the speed of themes by stripping out code which will never be used.

Get your website right from the start by not going cheap. A website is now a major piece of your business and should be treated as one of the most important pieces of your promotional tools. If you value your products and services, don’t devalue your business by saving money on a off-the-shelf-product. It will cost you more money in the future and possibly not get you the results you want.

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