July 26th 2023

AI and the Future of Web Development: Opportunities and Challenges

AI and the Future of Web Development: Opportunities and Challenges

From the earliest days of web development through today, the industry has changed and morphed as new technologies enter the scene. The first websites were quite simple, made up of mainly text and a solid-colored background. As time marched forward, people began to add images and eventually other features, such as videos. Today, artificial intelligence (AI) web development is one of the latest trends to hit the industry.

AI seems to be changing the face of how creatives work, marketing departments, content writers and other professionals. While the technology is still imperfect, it’s adapting and growing every day. What are some of the opportunities and challenges small businesses will face implementing AI software for daily tasks?

1. Create Unique Web Content

One part of developing a new website is ensuring it’s fleshed out with content. A 2023 Forbes Advisor survey found 76% of consumers were worried about false information from AI tools. Just over half felt they could easily tell the difference between human and AI-generated content.

Help clients stand out from the competition by providing unique content unlike any other brand’s. AI works well as a tool to see what is already available online. Punch in a query to see what topics pop up and to write on something different.

2. Embrace Predictive Analytics

The best built websites tap into the power of AI web development and use predictive analytics to create excellent user experience (UX). Humans are imperfect. They make mistakes in writing code, but with AI bots, web creators can automate a lot of tasks and develop code faster than ever before.

Find a bug in the code and aren’t sure how to fix it? Enter AI predictive analytics to rewrite sections of code and track down errors. Developers can also use big data to figure out which elements users most want to create a website that meets the target audience’s needs.

3. Combine the Cloud with AI

One way AI becomes particularly powerful is with the implementation of cloud technology. Scour through databases to figure out when key contracts expire and work at renewing them before the competition snags a business’ top customers. Analyze tons of data stored in the cloud and spit out detailed reports that are easier to absorb.

Brands can also utilize AI for their human resources needs. For example, put up a new job posting based on another position. Ask the bots to make changes based on current needs. Stand out from other employers by tweaking the job description to perfectly match the company’s needs.

4. Enhance UX With Chatbots

AI web development moves brands forward into a world where computers complete repetitive tasks. For example, if most new leads ask a particular question, companies can program a chatbot to answer the query seamlessly.

The best programs engage the user, answer a question, college information and then pass the person off to a live agent to complete the sale and create a more personalized experience.

As AI technology develops, it should be able to handle sales and accept transactions without any human involvement. Software such as ChatGPT claims to learn from each query, getting smarter in responses. Only time will tell how accurate the description is. For now, AI serves as a smart addition to any organization's customer service lineup.

5. Overcome Coder Shortages

Experts estimate there are around 26.9 million developers globally. Since industry growth is mainly concentrated in China, UK companies must cast a wide net and embrace workers from a variety of countries. At a minimum, brands must be aware of the trends and abilities of developers in India, China, the U.S. and Australia.

However, when there is a shortage of local developers, one thing that comes in handy is tapping into the abilities of AI to pull basic code from a variety of sources and test it for functionality.

6. Enhance Cybersecurity

The number of hackers and cyber incidents grows each year. As more and more brands get online and utilize the internet for business, easy targets are quite attractive to cybercriminals. Fortunately, AI has the ability to improve security measures by scouring for weaknesses and predicting what a hacker’s next move might be.

AI technology can keep up with typical user behavior and serve as a watchdog to notice any potential bad players. Anything that seems out of the norm, such as trying to login on the back end could trigger a change and the hacking incident would be stopped.

7. Be Aware of Potential Risks with AI Web Development

While there are numerous advantages to tapping into the power of AI, there are some drawbacks. Computers only work with information programmed into them. Although computers have come a long way, they aren't a replacement for the human brain. Companies still need a creative brain and someone checking over anything AI comes up with. Ask AI to create a photograph or piece of art and you’ll get some pretty wonky examples.

Another potential issue is AI pulling data from a limited set of information and not getting a narrow enough look at a particular audience. Data might be biased, dated or completely incorrect. With AI software, facts should always be double-checked for accuracy.

What Is the Future of AI and Web Development?

Will AI take jobs away from coders, testers and programmers or simply change the way people do business? As with most big technology changes, people might fear where AI is taking the industry. However, AI won’t fully replace humans. Instead, it can serve as a tool to help employees become more productive or learn new tasks faster. Give some of the available software options a try and see how well it meshes

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