September 13th 2014

Advantages of using a local Web Designer

Websites are the first place prospective customers go to research a business. This means your site should stand out from the competition and appeal to the right target audience. These are things that a good web designer can advise you on. So how do you choose a web designer that’s right for you and your business?

You can, or course, Google website designers and get a huge amount of listings, all promising pretty much the same thing. Choosing the right one to suit you and your business can be tricky but there are many ways to narrow down your search.

Local Web Designers have many advantages

There are many companies that allow you to work with them on a ‘virtual’ or ‘remote’ basis but does this work for you and your business? Using a company local to you has many advantages.   It allows you to meet face-to-face to describe your business, explain what you need from the site and how you want it to work. All these things can be done over the phone but meeting face to face means you can see their reaction to ideas and you can bounce ideas about to come up with the best solution. This means you get a lot of initial feedback right from the early stages. Plus, you will really know if you like the people you are allowing to develop one of the most important marketing tools for your business.

Local web designers have other advantages. If you are unsure of a design, or want to show them material that needs to be included or used as ideas, you can drop into the office and hand it over while explaining what it is. If you were to send this via email or post, sometimes the message can be lost in translation. Misunderstandings can be a huge factor when using a ‘virtual’ designer.

If you are starting from scratch with a site, you want a business that listens to you and understands your company ethos. You need to trust your web designers to produce something outstanding and meeting face-to-face with a company allows you to really see if they are taking you and your thoughts on board. The same applies if you would like to update to a current site. Maybe your site is tired and needs a fresh design; being able to talk to someone who can show you on their own computer, using the software they’ll be using to complete your website, will give you a proper feel for what you’ll be getting.

At Cocoonfxmedia, we take pride in providing a local service to local businesses. Based in Lichfield, Staffordshire, we provide engaging designs to suit you. After an initial meeting, where you can discuss ideas and views, we will come up with a few designs to see which one suits you. The approachable team at Cocoonfxmedia will allow you to have as much or as little input as you would like - meaning you can take control or sit back and let us take the reins. With over 25 years experience in web design and web development, you know you are using a team who can produce designs that you will be proud of. If you’re interested in speaking to us about your website design, our telephone number is 0121 8203659, and we’re ready and waiting to start the ball rolling to provide you with the perfect website design.

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