December 19th 2013

Guide to SEO for 2014 and beyond

The entire foundation of SEO is to attract non-paid traffic to a website. It is important that the pages of your website aren't just visitor friendly; they have to be search engine friendly too.

Maximise your online business potential

To make the most of your website, your online business and as a result maximise your future business potential, it is essential you create a workable SEO strategy. In order to do that you need to undertake continuous research into the following:

  • Online marketing trends
  • Consumer trends
  • Search trends

However, there are elements of SEO which you can check yourself and, with a little knowledge of web page mechanics, you can make the changes quite easily. The following hints, tips and tricks are in no particular order; rather they serve as a guide in helping you create and present a smarter, friendlier and more engaging website to visitors and search engines alike.

  • Communication - Ensure that your designated landing page(s) or home page communicates clearly what your business is about. Heavy, difficult to read text can be replaced with clear concise text which isn’t too ‘wordy’ by a simple re-write. On page content should be relevant to both visitors AND search engines
  • Webforms – In addition to email and phone contact details, give your visitors the potential of instant contact access to your business with an easy to complete web form.
  • Duplicate content - Do not have any duplicate content on pages. Duplicate content is a sure fire way of ‘negative ranking points’ in Google and other search engines. Every page should be populated with unique content – nothing else will do
  • Navigation - If your website isn’t easy to navigate you can be sure visitors will not stay around long. Structured, intuitive and effective site navigation is essential. The easier it is to locate a page and (potentially) the longer visitors stay on a page the better the overall ranking of that page
  • Internal links - Does every internal link on your website work? Broken links merely serve to frustrate and turn off visitors as well as provide dead ends for search engines.
  • Images - Are the images which display on the pages tagged? Tagging images with a text description adds relevancy and authority in search carried out on Google, Bing and other search engines
  • Keywords - Pages which are ‘overloaded’ with keywords and search terms will be ranked lower in Google than a page which is sparsely populated with keywords. Keywords should also be relevant and authoritative. This can easily be fixed by straightforward on page editing
  • Social media – Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms are powerful tools with which to communicate your message to a targeted audience. However, as with on page content, social media posts should be relevant, interesting, engaging both for potential customers AND search engines. Social media should also be linked appropriately to your website

Cosmetic changes

 The aforementioned list is one of simple on page adjustments which you can make, and in combination will have a positive effect on page and site ranking. Adding social media is also a simple task to complete.

They are in effect cosmetic changes but, in making these small adjustments, changes and enhancements to your website you will make a valuable and tangible contribution to achieving higher page ranking in Google, Bing and other search engine returns.

However, they are all elements of a structured SEO campaign designed to drive targeted visitor traffic to a website. Google search algorithms are constantly being updated; websites need to be fresh, unique and relevant to reflect these changes.

Structured SEO and content marketing

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