November 12th 2017

7 Guidelines for Designers to Become Involved in Strategy

Design has a lot to offer the business world and if the power of design is ever going to be realised it requires us, designers, to build an equal partnership between decision makers and creators.

The designer's skillset

To help take a step closer to this utopia are seven guidelines that can assist designers to realise the strategic significance of their role:

  1. Be thought leader - realise that sometimes you can be thought leader in your organisation.
  2. Be passionate - it's part of your job description, go out on a limb. In being extreme you can be wrong. If you do not have set backs you are not pushing your ideas to the maximum.
  3. Be thorough - do your homework, the key here is research, research, research. Impress people with your careful approach.
  4. Listen widely - ideas can emerge from many places within an organisation. Insights and wisdom can be found in every corner. A designer is there to harvest ideas as well as to generate them.
  5. Think the unthinkable - be willing to question everything, it's necessary to question the status-quo in order to enable change
  6. Win friends - organisations are political, as well as all designs, especially when it can lead to change.
  7. Be flexible - design often require a rapid response to new situations.

Designers bring energy to strategy, they find ways forward. They can enable their organisations to build competitive advantage. Remember in the most part everyone is doing the same, in the same environment, design can react to a changing environment and deliver value quickly, keeping your organisation in the lead.

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