Service Bundling

Service Bundling

A popular concept is using the extended three Ps so an organisation can build services around the product. This approach is known as service bundling and is a normally a key source of competitive advantage. In general there are five base aspects to this method: Continual monitoring This is often associated with Information Communication Technology (ICT), for […]

Product or Service

service design

Many of the decisions and considerations regarding the marketing mix that are applied to tangible products can also be applied to service products. This has created a blurred line between the two. Conceptually defining service is still somewhat an unanswered question. Either everything is a service (Vargo and Lusch, 2004) 1 and the distinctions between […]

Service Characteristics

service characteristics

In many countries, particularly within the developed west, growth of the ‘service’ element prompted marketers the need to consider additional approaches to marketing. In a review of 46 publications by 33 authors during the period 1963-83, Zeithaml, Parasuraman, and Berry (1985)1 determined that the most frequently cited service characteristics were intangibility (mentioned by all), inseparability […]