Transcend in Design and Marketing


TRANSCEND – What we stand for! To transcend something means to go over and above what is expected. This definition demonstrates why it was the clear choice for the acronym we used for our mission statement as we pride ourselves on offering a service to our clients which meets and exceeds their expectations. We’re a dynamic digital […]

Do what you’re good at


Step Change! Do what you’re good at! Many small businesses find it hard to develop. Often one person or a small team have to do everything from HR to Credit Control, and this often leads small businesses to over extend themselves service wise. We’ve been guilt of this ourselves by offering lots and lots of […]

Power of Social Media

I think we all can agree that Social Media is very useful for real time information.   We know that Seal Team 6 was tweeted about as they were going to take out Bin Laden. We also know that mainstream media constantly monitors social feeds to ensure they’re not missing any breaking news.   However in the […]