Choosing A Local Web Designer


Are you planning to have a website designed to promote your business online? Are you finding the process of selecting the right web design company very challenging? Yes, choosing a website design company can be really daunting especially when you have so many options right before you. It is challenging because all the web design […]

Pay in 30 Days

The importance of paying on time. Late payment on invoices is a common problem within business to business transactions. Often or not it’s the larger more estabalished companies/local authorities that pay well beyond the agreed payments dates. We see this as really unfair practice and is very dangerous for business as a whole as the economy […]

Free Training Connect

Providing leading industry developed training, assessment & recognition for free Free Training Connect was developed by Damon Clark after going through his own personal development journey.  After 10 years in Hi Tech Sales and Marketing Damon set up a training company in 2009.  The business thrived until 2013 when he started to lose some […]

Tags in WordPress – Bad for SEO


Running and maintaining a website is a complicated business particularly with search engine optimisation and digital marketing. We know that the search engines hate duplicate content, and there are ways to insure this doesn’t happen to your website. A lot of website owners don’t realise they’re creating an issue by using a pre built in […]

Major Update from Google! – Panda 4.2


We’ve had Google’s Mobile update recently and then, out of the blue, an unexpected announcement on the 17th July Google announcing the release of Panda 4.2. Now that is something unusual, as before Google have never announced their updates. The update is not an algorithm change but an update to the existing updates. Our recommendations […]

Marketing Challenges

Beauty of digital marketing

A New Generation of Superhero Marketing Managers Ever had that feeling you’re standing in a crowded room, shouting at the top of your voice but no one is listening? No, I’m not talking about your experience on Twitter. I’m talking about the fight marketing managers have for customer attention. And that’s just one battle. There’s […]