Bespoke business solutions

Development of Digital Business Solutions

Bespoke business solutions are creating digital solutions that improve the way your business operates. This could be moving existing software which is dependent on hardware that can be redeveloped and improved and placed on the cloud, to providing the ability to manage large data sets easily and quickly such as EDI integrations or using APIs to be process middleware or other microservices. Most if not, all will be needing the use of our expert web development and software engineering team.

Specification of business solution

Cocoonfxmedia Ltd has over 30 years of experience with working with data and developing all manner of digital solutions.  You may already have a very clear idea of what you need developing, or it might be that we need to help you explore an idea or help piece your idea into a structured brief/specification.

We work through the complete user journeys and make sure that we capture every kind of permutation and possible function the system requires. That could be storing large sets of data and being able to run a scheduled task or run reports based on date ranges. It could be even down to making the system work on mobile devices.

We then look at every aspect of the brief to astatine what is needed to build and what kind of technology is needed to deliver your project.

Framework specifications are drawn up to ensure the system can manage the load required of it, pin this to the UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) specification from this we can then look at time frames to build and test the product.

Types of business solutions

  • Accountancy Time Management
  • Complete Cloud-based office system including OCR scanning and stock control
  • Demurrage calculators
  • C02 Emission estimators
  • Stock control/CRM system (offline)
  • Letting Agency CRM system
  • Companies House Integration

Our team have worked on many EDI integration and mapping projects over the years and can easily map and work with any kind of structured data. We have built all kinds of database types such as MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, Oracle. We have listed below the types of integrations we can work with.

  • XML
  • JSON
  • CSV
  • SSH
  • SFTP

If you’re looking to improve and optimise your business processes, we can provide a full-stack development house that can deliver projects quickly and efficiently and cost every time. Please do check out our case studies.

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