Bespoke business solutions

Essentially this is creating digital business solutions that use and structure the data your business has available to it. Your goals could be one of many, typical outcomes include improving work flows or bringing lots of data sources into one easy manageable area. From here bespoke reporting can be implemented so you have a proper handle on the unique requirements to your business. There are normally a couple of approaches of how a project begins.

Clear idea of solution

You come to us with an idea already in mind of what you need a system to deliver. At this point we determine what level of specification you have. We've had some clients arrive with full visuals of the User Interface (UI) or we can explore this with you and delve into what the final solution needs to be.

Framework specifications are drawn up to ensure the system can managed the load required of it, pin this to the UI specification we have what is the beginning of working specification document that we all work towards to ensure we all know what the goal is.

Exploratory Project

These projects can often be the most fulfilling because there is not set expectation. A company knows it want to innovate but isn't quite sure what direction to go in. It maybe internal process or how to build the website into to the day-to-day interactions an improve sales. We'll map out customer journeys and how they move through the company to identify potential innovations, where customer service can be improved or even new services developed.

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