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B2B Website Visitor Tracking Software

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Real Time Data

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Imagine that you could see which potential clients are browsing your website.

What would be your plan of action? Would you contact those B2B customers directly; nurturing those leads into sales?

Why not get a head start on your competitors right now with B2B Website Visitor Tracking? This valuable tool for all B2B companies reveals the names of businesses visiting your website, so you can convert prospective buyers into satisfied customers.

Real Visitors, Real Businesses, Real Leads

Numbers of anonymous visitors to your website is a nice statistic, but for B2B what really matters are those final transactions. So how can you make the conversion from visitor to a customer? With specialist B2B website visitor tracking software you can access the needed data to make tailored, personalised connections with real businesses.

The B2B tracker uses IP addresses from your website visitors to identify company names. You can then pinpoint the service that interests them, how to contact them and the best times… all without having to wait for them to complete a contact form.

Securing a Return on Your Investment

At a cost of £99 +VAT per month, our affordable B2B visitor tracking software can maximise the benefits of website data collection, allowing you to:

  • Identify in-depth information of the businesses visiting your website.
  • Segment your market and build detailed customer profiles.
  • Concentrate efforts on genuine, high-quality sales leads.
  • View top keywords used to reach your website.
  • Accurately focus advertising and Google Adword campaigns.
  • Discover the needs and interests of existing customers.
  • Generate relevant and timely website content.
  • Increase engagement on social platforms that drive your website traffic.

Do you want to have the more joined-up sales process? If so then please get in touch and we can demonstrate how to handle With the insights from this valuable data collection, you will soon transform website traffic into leads, and those leads into an impressive ROI.

Professional Software and Data Reports

It’s quick and easy to gain the benefits of B2B website visitor tracking software. Our expert team at Cocoonfxmedia can have you up and running the same day with helpful support and comprehensive guides.

The user-friendly software is accessed by a secure login area and can work on any website*. The helpful dashboard view clearly displays customer data, including names of businesses that recently visited your site and returning visitor statistics.

With real-time reporting, you will receive email alerts of important visitors currently on your website, helping you to gain valuable insights into their interests and provide rapid support.

The software also generates scheduled or ad-hoc visitor data reports as CSV. files if required; perfect for importing directly into your CRM system.

Take Control of Your Lead Generation

Statistics show that 90% of new clients visit a business website first before making further decisions. So why leave it to chance? As B2B sales teams looking to get more from your customer data and marketing ROI, the B2B Website Visitor Tracking Software is the ideal solution.

For more information on our B2B Visitor Identification Software fill in the form or call our friendly team on 01543 223074.

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*If your using a broadband service with random IP addresses the data centre will show.

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