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B2B website visitor tracking

How would you like to get more in-depth information about who is visiting your website?

In-depth quality data

Increase ROI

Real Time Data

Identify Businesses

Real Time Data

Real time

Your website is being monitored by Google Analytics.  However you can’t find out who the actual visitors are until they’ve used your contact forms. Cocoonfxmedia can now offer solution to actually do the following:

  • Put some actual facts behind your data.
  • Give you realtime reporting on which businesses are visiting your website.
  • Easy to build a profile of your visitors.
  • Clearly see how they came to your website (Direct/Organic/Social media/Adwords).
  • Track new leads or to see what existing clients are reading.
  • Export this data into a csv file so you can import this into your CRM system*.
  • Scheduled or adhoc reports.

Do you want have the a more joined up sales process? If so then please get in touch and we can demonstrate how to handle your data better.


Find out who is visiting you?

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