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Visibility Tips and Tricks for Your Next Marketing Campaign


I’m going to start this post with a caveat. You shouldn’t think in terms of discrete marketing campaigns. Rather, think of everything your brand does as visible marketing. What you say, how you say it and when you say it – it all counts towards your consumer’s impressions of you. That all said, read on and find out how you can leverage different environments to keep your brand visible to the people who matter.

Say it with conviction

How you talk to your consumer is vital. Let’s say you are a sportswear manufacturer targeting teens and young adults. Your branding is bright and colourful. You’ve invested in a website full of high resolution photos and great location shots. So what about your words? You need to invest in learning the language of your consumer. Use phrases and references they’ll understand. The more you sound appropriate, the more your consumer will be disposed to interact with your brand online as well as off.

Be different

A brand is basically a product with a different attitude. There are plenty of companies out there selling sportswear – so why should your consumer choose you instead of them? Your difference, which is also referred to as your Unique Selling Point, is what enthuses your specific target consumer, and turns him or her into a fan and brand acolyte. Use your difference to leverage all your advertising and marketing. From now on, you’re the company that does x with its own special style.

Be part of the community

Localism works. There’s a strong chance that residents of your town or area are already disposed to buy their goods and services from local companies. You can leverage the goodwill of locals for local companies by becoming a visible part of the community. Sponsoring a local event, such as a fair or a charity occasion can represent an excellent advertising investment and gets you a lot of positive feedback in the local area too.

Join forces with other brands

The world is full of successful joint ventures. If your brand provides a product or service that can be well matched with another, what are you waiting for? Get on the phone and start talking mutually beneficial strategies. Joint ventures get to double their existing contact lists overnight, and can take advantage of further goodwill by recommending products and services their own consumers really need.

Be free with your freebies

A free item is worth its weight in marketing gold, particularly as a part of a long term branding strategy. Think about it this way: if your goal is to have your brand recognised by your target audience wherever it goes, then giving that target audience branded things they’ll be happy to use keeps the logo right where you need it. Think about running competitions for desirable gift prizes – designer t shirts, branded technology and free examples of your own product/service. The key is to make the giveaway item resonate with the emotions and aspirations of your audience. How about branded or novelty tees? Buy now and get your next promotion up and running.

The Author is an experienced marketing writer, whose blogs and articles have appeared on more than 250 nationally recognised websites and homepages. His own network of marketing blogs attracts over half a million unique visitors every day, and its content is often used by third party sites to raise their own traffic.