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Agile Marketing

Published date: 22nd August 2012
Last modified: 9th September 2017

We’re a strong believer that you need to work quickly and efficiently to meet the clients needs.  We often use a build cycle on our projects, to quickly bring project to market, but we are always thinking about the users and the client.

I have seen how large organisations do not put Agile thinking into practice, which have turned around projects from the jaws of defeat by using agile marketing.

I remember times sitting for a whole day in a meeting listening to people harping on about non sensical waffle which is nothing to do with the project or the task in hand.  I have seen major project derailed at the cost of the customer when internal politics gets in the way.

This video from and Jon Coleman shows how simple process can streamline and make your projects more customer focused.

About Jonathon Colman — As the Principal Experience Architect at REI, Jonathon helps people find what they’re looking for and then use what they find. Learn more about Jonathon Colman and follow him on Twitter @jcolman and .

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