What is Web Development

Cocoonfxmedia Limited is a UK based company that was established two years ago and has over 12 years experience in web development. Cocoonfxmedia specialises in web development, using the latest techniques to improve or develop a website.

We're a Tamworth based web development company our web developers always use coding languages such as HTML5/CSS3/PHP/JQuery/MySQL which can take a basic web site into fully functioning, user friendly data driven web site.

We can take a static non functional site and build applications or user interfaces to help bring the web site to life. Our programmers can even strip down off the shelf template driven sites and rebuild them from the ground up. For example you may have a basic Wordpress site, and you want to add image galleries or want the site to have some connection to your brand image. Our web developers will basically pull the existing template apart and build it to your specifications. Making the ordinary Wordpress site to be developed into a fully functioning Marketing tool for you.

Web development - User interfaces

A user interface is something like a web form, or an action which a users performs on your web site. The web site will then perform according to how you want the interface to work. For example if you where running a vehicle hire website the user may want to find out the cost and book the vehicle. The user interface will then handle the requirements in a nice looking design.

Can you develop an existing site and web develop it?

Cocoonfxmedia Ltd , has taken many websites project which require either additional web development or complete rebuilds.

We understand how "data works" and as a web developer we can build applications to help improve the look and feel of the website as well as enhance the user experience. We can identify weaknesses in data flow and also how to problem solve existing sites.

Our Web Developers expertise includes


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We've been developing website throughout Tamworth and UK for over 15 years. Let us develope your website and win new business, ultimately, increase your profits so please get in contact via our contact form, or call web developers on 01827 217749