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Cocoonfxmedia Limited is contant evolving it design pratices. Of which the biggest problem is that not all the styling works correctly within a web browser. The biggest issue is Mircosoft Internet Explore.

What is the best browser

We would recommend 3 browsers which will work on any system and will work slightly different with regards to how a website styles and renders.

  • Firefox - Designed by Mozfilla. Most if not all web developers and web designers will use this browser
  • Google Chrome - Not as fast as Firefox but it is actually easier to work with Google products
  • Safari - This is Apples standard browser. Quick and easy to use but is a little behind in development from Chrome and Safari

What is wrong with IE7 or ie8

In our view Mircosoft often plugs holes in existing problems. For example IE6 was so bad Germany recommend users to stop using it for security reason. IE8 does not handle modern code very well at all. For example if you have a nice looking website with gradiants and round edges if the developer uses CSS code (which is quicker) IE8 will render the code as squares and solid colours. Often positioning will be off and some functionality will not work properly even on different versions of IE8.

upgrading or changing browser

If you're using IE8 or below you need to upgrade quickly IE7 is no longer supported by Microsoft and it will not be long before IE8 will not be support as IE10 is due to be released soon. IE10 also there has been reports of bugs and issues before it's even released. We always recommend that if your running a PC it is critical that you keep upto date with every update. Normally every first Tuesday of the month there should be a security or minor update from Windows. If you can upgrade to IE9 however if your running XP then use Chrome or Firefox. Once you get using the other browsers you will find you will not go back to Internet Explorer again.

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