A modern website these days should not be without a video of some sort, promoting their services. HTML5 now allows for videos to be played without the use of Flash which means your videos can be streamed to your clients via any web browser or smart phone.

Video is key for SEO

Google now owns Youtube which is the largest video sharing site in the world. Google is now putting video has a high priority in the search ranking algorithms, simply as there easy to share via Social Media and via email. They do say a picture paints a thousand words, but video brings your website to life and will captivate your auidence more. We can help you develop your social media. Please look at our social media management page.

Video production

We can't do everything so we have a partner company Make it Media Ltd, who can prodoce and create the video files for us to place into your site

More details will be coming soon on what can be provided.

Get in touch!

Widen your client base, win new business, and, ultimately, increase your profits by having video content within your website. So please get in contact via our contact form, or call 0845 6804358