Cocoonfxmedia is an marketing agency with many years’ experience in international marketing and online marketing and web optimisation. Cocoonfxmedia has developed SEO processes with proven methodology to help websites achieve the highest possible positions with all the top search engines, including Google™, Yahoo™and Bing™AOL™ . By using a mixture of ethical SEO practices, we also provide and help with social media management such as Facebook™,Twitter™,Linkedin™,MySpace™.


What is Search Engine Optimisation &WEB OPTIMISATION?

SEO is a process/method and a strategy in helping your business to get noticed online with in the search engines, by improving your websites optimisation and ranking by directing the right traffic to your site which will help to increase your presence online and more impotently your future sales.

SEO Design

Tamworth SEO experts Cocoonfxmedia Ltd use the latest coding practices and style techniques to not only to make your web site look great, but also structurally web optimised make it easy for the search engine "Spiders"to track and crawl through your site. We also check the coding against specialised SEO tools to make sure the web site is optimised ready for Google™, Yahoo™and Bing™AOL™.



Analysis often involves alot of analytical work such as competitor analysis, traffic trends, social trend, keyword density,traffic flow etc.. Cocoonfxmedia Ltd can help you to get to know your clients and markets better.

This in turn will also drive traffic and interest to your site, and the end result will increase your presence within the search engine rankings, increasing your sales.

SEO online marketing Strategy

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is not just about the search engines its about getting your website noticed by increasing the probabilty to be found online and in turn increase your sales in a cost effective way. You could spend £1000's on pay per click or waste hours on Facebook and Twitter and not getting any results by not having the correct strategy ot sending out the wrong messages. We can provide a Social Media Management service to help promote your strategies across the fastest growing websites in the world.

We will help you develop your strategy by using the Design and Analytical work we can pin point and target your traffic, which intern will develop your site and improve your web optimisation and your position in the search engines. We can also manage your Social Media outlets to make sure your site gets a higher rate of click throughs and visitors which will help your search engine results.

We have a very large SEO tool box to use and with our experience in marketing we can truly deliver value and bring you more sales.

SEO localisation

Often a the niche/industry your serving can be very competitive. For example : Search Engine Optimisation is ultra competitive. However if you focus your SEO on a localised search you could have faster gains, and increase your local market share. For example: "SEO Tamworth" or "SEO Lichfield". This is competitive but it's easier to gain a foot hold in the Tamworth pr Lichfield area.

Organic web Optimisation Ethical methods

We will only use ethical SEO methods, to make sure your site has the best web optimisation so it's not penalised by the search engines. Cocoonfxmedia Ltd will use proven long last techniques to improve your sites online position and increase the traffic to the site.

SEO Service Tool Kit

  • Web Consultancy
  • User based research
  • Content Strategy
  • Web Optimisation
  • Client Trends
  • Social media strategy
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Social Media Management
  • Keyword ranking tools
  • Analyst tools - Statistical Reporting/Trending
  • Open Graph/Twitter Cards
  • Copy writing
  • Geographical positioning (i.e West Midlands, Birmingham,Tamworth Lichfield )
  • Adwords management
  • Viral Marketing


How ... ??

That's where Cocoonfxmedia your local online marketing and SEO Experts>! We offer tailor made Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing solutions using our proven methodology and marketing skills we can offer you a service to suit your requirements and needs.

We are not going to kid you and say web optimisation is going to be easy or cheap, but if you can increase your sales by 20%, that surely should make you think about taking your web marketing seriously. All our tools are tested on our own site and we know they work as we're in the top 5 positions on all our targeted keywords.

Get in touch!

Our areas of SEO are focus around Tamworth, Lichfield and Birmingham but have clients across the UK. A web site can be well designed and developed however the search engines need to know your site exists. With a mix of organic web optimisation and online marketing and Social Media Management we can help your site jump up the rankings. So please get in contact with our SEO experts by calling 01827 217749 - Let Cocoonfxmedia Ltd manage your SEO and help develop your business