What is PHP?

PHP a is a  general-purpose server-side scripting language originally designed for Web development to produce dynamic Web pages.

You make think general sounds pretty basic but if you look at Facebook and Yahoo.com are just two of the largest companies online use PHP and most if not all major blogging site there all developed using PHP and over 20 Million web domains are using PHP.

PHP can run within a page or connect to a database. Often PHP is used to perform a function such as sending a email when a contact form is used, or to validate a form against spammers. More often its used to query large sets of data such as a company search or to pull data to display content.

Must if not all online e-commerce shops are developed in PHP due to the flexibility. As PHP is being used widely it means that more and more really advanced functions can be developed and integrated with other programming lanaguages such as Java, JQuery and XML.

So whats the difference between ASP and .NET

The difference is that PHP can be used on Linux based web hosting platforms which are generally in our view more stable and flexible then a Windows based system. PHP is also widely used within the Open source community which means finding solutions to complex tasks can easily be found and solved or ideas found quicker and easier than with ASP and .NET.

Also there is often a cost with ASP as often additional software is need to make certain functions to work where us PHP is free to use.

What can PHP do?

What can't it do should be the question?

In a nutshell you can do numerous tasks using PHP such as simply tasks as adding a dynamic date to your website or to run an e-commerce site, it pretty much can do what you like within reason and this is why the likes of Facebook and Yahoo use PHP.

For example you could have a form using PHP with a page on a site to calculate the BMI index. The user would enter their height there weight into a form, and then behind the scenes the PHP code will use a set a rules programmed and then perform the function required. The end results would be to calculate within the PHP code the BMI. It would either do this within the actual page behind the scenes instantly or look at a database its connected too.

PHP can also generate PDF files, csv files and rewrite URL strings it is very powerful.

A n excellent PHP developer will know what can be achieved and also be able to advise what is need to perform such as task.

PHP Development Tamworth

Cocoonfxmedia Ltd , a PHP developers based in Tamworth has been using PHP development for a number of years. We have developed numerous websites from e-commerce websites to membership sites. As web developers we have developed event booking systems for Tamworth based Fitness clubs or membership directories with built in search features.

We understand how "data works" and as a PHP developer how to build applications to help improve the look and feel of the website as well as enhance the user experience. We can identify weaknesses in data flow and also how to problem solve existing sites.

If you have a PHP project we would sit down and discuss what you want to achieve, we will also look at possible better solutions which could enhance or streamline a current process. We will then devise a project plan inwhich you would have an active participation so you understand how your website and your application will work.

PHP web development can rapidly improve the functionality of a website and how the user interacts. If not all out websites will have at PHP code used as standard.

Our PHP Development expertise includes


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