An iPhone displays around 1/3rd the size as a normal website. Often the layout does not fit or looks awful, and often forms and navigation don't work correctly. Cocoonfxmedia Ltd understands this and can design a version of your site to fit an iPhone.

Alot of off the self CRM systems like Wordpress™ are not built correctly for iPhones. Cocoonfxmedia can design an iPhone version of your Wordpress™..

We will test the site fully on Apples developer SDK as well as on live phones before we're happy to release the site.

We can also make sure the website works on iPad as well. We will make your iPhone site to do the following:

  • Seemless and easier for users
  • Allows you to target key information
  • Allows your site to be viewed correctly
  • Greater exposure


Please feel free to have a look at our client web design portfolio

Web Site Redesign for smart phones

We also offer developments to existing web sites not created by us. We will look at the existing design and work with you to develop the site to suit your design needs and budget.

What’s more, we also have the expertise to orchestrate a powerful on-line (and off-line) marketing strategy (SEO) your business, helping to bring the world to your door at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

For more information on our web design service please fill in the form below or call us on Tel: 01827 217749