Cocoonfxmedia Ltd - Creative New Media established in June 2010 by James Blackman an Online Digital Marketing expert.

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Based in Tamworth, Staffordshire, the company’s ethos is to provide digital marketing and cutting edge web sites at an affordable price. Cocoonfxmedia Ltd offers dynamic web marketing/design and development services to help bring its clients more business via the digital methods

Cocoonfxmedia Ltd uses the latest technology such as Photoshop,Illustrator,Flash,Dreamweaver,Xcode and Wordpress. We also hand code in HTML4 and HTML5, PHP, JQuery, MySQL and any code needed to create or develop a modern website. On all of our projects we use Prince2 project management ethos to make sure projects are delivered on time.

Our Approach

We will sit down with you and talk you through your requirements. We will not bombard you with technical knowledge, but we will work with you to translate your ideas to form a fully functioning website.

We understand that the original idea could change halfway through the process, so we allow for this by keeping you constantly updated and keeping you engaged with the web design process from start to finish.

We will give you access to a test area whereupon you can see the website being developed and at any stage you can advise if you want things changed. Once the website is built we will provide any training needed either personally or online by sharing your screen. We will provide manuals where needed and we will always provide you with the highest level of support after the website goes live.

You're our partner!

We don’t see you as a client but as a partner and Cocoonfxmedia prides itself on being an extension of your business, working with you to develop and increase your sales and presence online. We will assist you with your online marketing strategy to help drive traffic to your website.We can provide all levels of Search Engine Marketing from linking building, to content writing and social media campaigns.

Our web hosting service uses Linux-based Cloud service which is monitored 24/7 by a team in London. We know exactly which customers are using our Cloud as we have a dedicated server just for our clients. We have been using the server company for over 10 years and have not found a company which beats them on reliability and service.

You’re probably wondering why we don’t own our own servers. Well, this is simple. It’s because they tend to be expensive to run and maintain. Using a third party server provider ensures a low cost solution with high end performance and greater leverage on getting the best service for our clients.

We will also keep you updated on the latest trends within the web design industry and work with you to ensure your site generates the results it deserves.

Cocoonfxmedia Ltd provides a well marketed website with a robust web hosting service to promote your business to either a local or global market. We are your creative new media partner.

So where did the name "Cocoonfxmedia" come from?

It does have a meaning and a metaphor. A Cocoon is a casing which will enable the process of transformation of a caterpillar to become a butterfly and is reflective of our philosophy in website design. We convert your ideas into designing and creating your website. We take your sketches, diagrams and visions and then code it to develop it into the final product – your butterfly, your website.

What does FX mean? Well, this is a movie term for special effects. This is vital for a website, if there is no interaction or nothing dynamic on the website, FX will draw in the user.

What about the media? A web design is often classed as “New Media”. It’s different to the traditional hard-copy newspapers and magazines simply because it’s online. New Media is also part of a marketing process so it is very fitting to incorporate this into the name of the company, as Cocoonfxmedia is not only a web designer but a developer and a marketer.

Why not leave your entire digital needs from web design, internet marketing (SEO) Search Engine Optimisation to us, while you simply focus on other aspects of your business?

Get in touch!

With our many years experience in international business, we truely believe that we can help your business develop by using our expertise. Please call 01827 217749 for more information.